Living alone during lockdown or other periods of isolation.

Some of us get along fine with our own company, others feel isolated and lonely, and the last couple of years have exacerbated those feelings. For a person looking for a relationship, the challenges of physically meeting someone have been barriers. For others not looking for relationships, missing meeting up with friends is a challenge […]

Challenges for mothers during lockdown

A Course attendee, at one of our mental health first aid courses, said: “I feel as though I have three jobs now and I am overwhelmed and failing at all of them.” A recent study of over 6,000 adults by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that one in three women who are homeschooling […]

Children in lockdown

The impact on kids and on family life During many of our recent training sessions, parents have often expressed that they are now looking after or are concerned about the mental health of their children. We’ve compiled some ideas from these sessions that we find work for us. Whilst we are looking forward to things […]

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