Client and Learner Care Policy


Commitment to excellence

Digital Bricks Learning is dedicated to delivering top-tier services to our clients and learners, prioritising safe and best practices.

Our business operates in a competitive commercial landscape where high-quality service is key to long-term growth and sustainability, alongside cost control and optimal pricing. To maintain our success, we aim to execute each project perfectly the first time. This requires allocating the right management time and resources to minimise impact and disruption for clients and learners, ensuring timely delivery, effective communication, and superior learning resources and delivery.

Leveraging over ten years of experience in learning design, development and delivery, Digital Bricks Learning brings a collaborative ethos to every project, sharing beneficial ideas, providing client-specific knowledge to our staff and associates, and implementing tailored customer care processes for efficient and professional service delivery.

Quality assurance system

Digital Bricks’ commitment to service quality is reinforced by our quality assurance systems. This system focuses on:

  • Responding to stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Leadership and commitment
  • Risk and opportunity planning
  • Setting quality objectives
  • Operational planning and control
  • Performance evaluation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Regular management reviews
  • Peer reviewed learning materials
  • Accessibility-compliant learning resources

Our team consistently aims to understand and exceed customer expectations by fostering a culture where staff and associates understand and engage in quality procedures relevant to their roles.

Customer care aims and values

Our Aims:

  • Delivering a customer care package of the highest value
  • Prioritising client and customer needs for a bespoke service
  • Ensuring top-quality materials and delivery across all services
  • Embracing collaborative working methods
  • Promoting sustainable services, community investment, and staff development
  • Engaging staff in leaving a lasting impact in our communities
  • Enhancing the overall quality of learning by keeping abreast of changes in landscape, technology and research


Our values:

  • Career Development: Providing training and opportunities for staff and associate growth
  • Stability through long-term agreements
  • Effective communication with clients, learners, staff and associates
  • Empowerment of staff and associates with managerial support
  • Passion in staff and associate learning communities, training, and respect policies
  • Advocating for equality in service and community engagement
  • Handling complaints swiftly and effectively


Digital Bricks ensures that all customer feedback and complaints are recorded and actioned efficiently by our managers. We closely monitor complaints to maintain equality in all activities. Complaints are analysed for proactive improvements, reducing future grievances. The director presents monthly reports on complaints to the management team, who review and address non-conformances to enhance our service and customer satisfaction.

Project preservation

Upon contract completion, a manager alongside a client representative evaluates the learning session or programme to ensure satisfaction with our service. Management reviews all evaluation data and client feedback, using this data for service improvements. Any constructive feedback reported is analysed and resolved to meet client approval. Our efficient control systems enable us to professionally handle any project-specific problems.

Should you need to report any issues relating to customer care, please reach out to the Director. Reports can also be made confidentially to the Director at Our Customer Care Policy is readily available for our staff, associates, clients, and partners. These documents can be accessed through our website ( or can be provided upon request.

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