Mindfulness Masterclass


Mindfulness and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is a proven method to manage stressful situations and enhance performance. It is a way to cultivate a balanced relationship with oneself in relation to the realities we all face. Learners will learn and practise techniques to experience an in depth understanding of the benefits for their personal and professional lives.  

Learning objectives
  • Explore the origins and scientific findings of using mindfulness  
  • Examine our perceptions of mindfulness 
  • Analyse situations and processes where mindfulness can benefit us  
  • Integrate information and practice with evidence and insights  
  • Incorporate mindfulness practice into daily life for long term wellbeing 
Delivery method 

Can be delivered face to face, online or blended either in person or virtually e.g.  Teams/Zoom. Learners will have access to our learning platform where they can refer to the materials, watch extra resources such as videos and interactive activities and access links to organisations, for those that want to take their learning further. 

A full day is recommended for staff with little or no previous experience. For those with prior knowledge, a half day is recommended as a condensed session with post course materials. 

Workshops combine presentation slides, interactive exercises, individual reflection and group discussion. 

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