Mental Health First Response™

Mental Health First Response is a unique training in mental health first aid. It combines a practical approach to mental health first aid training with up to date advice and strategies.

In this Mental Health First Response course we will look at what mental health means since 2020 and how it can affect our lives. We will learn about the different conditions that people may experience and what we can do to help them and ourselves. We will look at how reducing stigma and changing culture can help us all live mentally healthier lives.

This course was created because of the COVID crisis. It builds on other excellent Mental Health First Aid courses offered around the country. It has been updated to include new statistics, coping with uncertainty & change and dealing with life at a distance.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the learner will have

  • an understanding of mental health, wellbeing and mental health conditions in current times
  • the ability to recognise a mental health emergency and know how to signpost effectively (including using present day healthcare services and protocols)
  • an understanding of risk factors, including the effects of isolation, stress, remote working and financial hardship
  • listening skills and confidence in encouraging open conversations about mental health
  • knowledge of mental health, wellbeing and self care strategies for themselves and others.

Course modules:

  • What is mental health?
  • What can affect mental health?
  • Common conditions, signs and symptoms
  • Starting conversations and listening skills
  • Supporting a mental health crisis
  • Promoting positive mental health.

Building resilience is at the heart of all our courses and alongside important mental health education you’ll receive a package of self-care and evidence-based strategies for dealing with your own and others’ mental health.