Our Coaching Team

Our coaches are empathetic, experienced and they get results. Our coaching service began after the success of our training arm of the business. It became clear that our clients, their workforces and individuals appreciated our ethos of wellbeing and our personal touch to training. We now deliver coaching to individuals and groups for goal setting, motivation, business, careers etc to achieve success in many areas of their personal and professional lives.

We have rich experience with our own personal companies and collectively as Digital Bricks. We offer business coaching to individuals and groups at any stage of business development. We have a wide network of business expertise in our respective fields. Our coaching and business development sessions help to spark creativity and nurture growth for those starting out alone to those already working with teams.

We also practise coaching psychology in many areas of life and work. This new division of the British Psychological Society is the study of behaviour to deepen understanding of individual and group performance, achievement and wellbeing. This scientific approach to coaching is evidence based and fast becoming standard practice for personal and professional development in many organisations.

Learn more about our coaching and get in touch to arrange a chat or to talk to one of our friendly coaches directly.

Chris Sheridan Coaching

Chris Sheridan (MEd, MSc, FHEA) has an MSc in multimedia, education and is currently studying psychology accredited by the British Psychological Society. She holds a coaching certificate from Caledonian University and is a member of The European Mentoring and Coaching Council, The Association for Coaching, The American Psychological Society and The International Association of Business Psychology Coaches. Chris incorporates evidenced based psychological practices in workplace culture. She uses strengths based coaching to empower individuals to achieve their goals.

Wilma Reed

Wilma Reid (BA, MAML, FRSPH) is a coach and coaching consultant. She trained as a workplace coach at the Edinburgh Coaching Academy in 2016 and is now an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach. Wilma worked in public health workforce development for 30 years and was latterly Head of Learning & Improvement at Public Health Scotland (PHS). Commissioned by Scottish Government, she led the 2019 Scottish Public Health Reform. Wilma is an experienced L&D practitioner with senior and strategic leadership experience. Wilma has an MA in Leadership and Learning.


Laura Howard MSc is an organisational psychologist, trained coach, speaker, trainer, and consultant best known for her ability to transform teams from frustrated to performing. She utilises her 20 plus years of experience to design and deliver organisational development initiatives at team, leader, and company level. She is a Member of the Association of Business Mentors and the Association of Business Psychologists. Laura has extensive experience in the professional services and not-for-profit sectors. Laura is a qualitative researcher specialising in women's leadership..


Alan Stuart is an experienced and accredited mindfulness practitioner and teacher who has been working with individuals and groups for nearly 30 years. He is committed to fostering a mindful approach to living through guided meditations, discussions, thought-prompting exercises, and gentle mindful movement techniques. Alan’s extensive experience teaching Oriental movement and therapeutic arts, including QiGong, Tai Chi, meditation, enables him to support participants' physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in a holistic and integrated way.


Linda Berrie is qualified in counselling skills including active and empathetic listening. Having worked in education and social work for the past 26 years, she has supported a wide range of people to have an opportunity to share their personal stories to enable them to overcome barriers, elicit change and achieve their goals. Linda’s skills lie in enabling individuals to find direction and purpose in their lives, improve their mental health and wellbeing and increase their resilience. She can offer 1:1 or small group coaching, including those with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions.

Susannah Rose

Susannah works with clients from a variety of industries at all levels of the organisation to find unique and creative solutions to everyday problems. Her work is holistic with an understanding of the challenges to everyone's mental health and wellbeing during difficult times. Susannah is a writer and multi-media artist who has trained in acting, theatre, and film. She leads creative art workshops and digital video tours for museums and festivals and she regularly holds writing and performance workshops. She is interested in storytelling and empowering people to be their own best brand.


Max Leslie (MA,Hons, MSc) helps people to overcome obstacles to their learning and development. After coping with significant challenges in his academic and professional career, including learning differences as well as physical and mental health difficulties, Max is determined to empower others to succeed in their personal and professional lives. As a private tutor, Max helps children to achieve the school grades they need for later life and boost their confidence. He also coaches adults with dyslexia with useful strategies to help them at work and home.


Denise Millan has many years of experience in business, employability and peer coaching & mentoring. She delivers business mentoring sessions for SMEs and has coached a range of professionals and under-represented groups, empowering them to work towards their career goals. Denise has a special interest in using creative evaluation techniques to capture data embedded within coaching and mentoring, helping to achieve positive results for her clients.

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