As well as our off the shelf and tailored training packages, we work on bespoke projects in digital communication, learning and development. For example, we work with clients to create digital learning solutions, such as building learning platforms (VLE/LMS) from scratch and we create industry standard eLearning that can be used in our clients’ own systems. 

Digital Bricks has worked with many clients to create digital solutions for their staff and customers. In 2020 we were commissioned by Children’s Health Scotland to quickly assemble a suite of relevant and reassuring material to help children and teachers going into lockdown. We created a week by week, fully online source of learning, information and games in our online platform. Accounts were created for schools across Scotland and the month long programme was analysed through rigorous built in monitoring and tracking. Over 95% found the experience positive.

We then worked with Children’s Health Scotland to provide a space for children with long term health conditions to come together and connect with each other in a safe online environment. The SMS:CONNECT self management system was developed in our platform and continues to connect children around the country.

Digital Bricks, Mental Health Foundation and Children’s Health Scotland have worked with Scottish Government to create an online professional learning resource for all school staff across the country. The open access resource focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in Scotland. The resource is available to all school staff, families and communities and the wider public from Summer 2021. Click to go to the resource.

We would love to chat about your projects and your online learning needs.

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