Customer Experience CX

Overview Customer experience (CX) is a critical component of any successful business, including how to enhance the customer journey, design and deliver exceptional customer experiences, and measure and evaluate customer experiences. Participants will learn about the different stages of the customer journey, including marketing, sales, customer support and online reviews.

Anti Social Behaviour

Overview This course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively address and prevent anti social behaviour. Participants will learn how to identify different types of anti social behaviour, how they impact on individuals and organisations, and effective strategies for dealing with such behaviours. Learning Objectives

Administration Fundamentals

Overview This course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective administration in the workplace. It will introduce the fundamentals of administration and how they contribute to the success of an organisation.  Learning Objectives

Report and Proposal Writing

Overview  .Reports allow us to track progress and growth, communicate information to internal and external stakeholders and aid in future decision making and planning. Proposals are crucial to bringing in funding, building business and addressing strategic aims and objectives.  This course introduces the principles for writing effective reports and proposals. learners will receive grounding in the […]

Recruitment and Interviewing

Overview  Recruitment and interviewing are critical aspects of building a successful and effective team. This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to recruit and interview candidates. Learners will identify the right candidates for the job and ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process.  Learning objectives

Project Management

Overview   This course introduces learners to the fundamental principles and steps in successful project management. Learners will receive grounding in the key considerations at each stage of the project life cycle and reflect on how to implement the learning in their roles.    Learning objectives

Presentation Skills

Overview  Public speaking can be a daunting experience for many but it is an essential skill to have in a professional setting. This course is designed to provide participants with the techniques to become comfortable with public speaking and create impactful presentations. Participants will develop skills to engage and captivate an audience.  Learning objectives

Online Safety

Overview Being online is essential in our daily life, but it also poses many risks. This course is designed to help participants understand online safety and how to protect ourselves and others. Learning outcomes 

Meetings and Minute Taking

Overview  Effective meetings are crucial for any organisation to function smoothly. This course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct productive meetings and take accurate and concise minutes.  Learning objectives

Digital Wellbeing

Overview  No longer just the domain of the workplace, technology is part of our everyday lives at home and in wider society. This course shows learners where they may need to think about their use and interactions with digital technology for our health and wellbeing and introduces strategies for dealing with any negative effects for […]

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