Men’s Mental Health in the Workplace

Men’s Mental Health in the Workplace Course Overview Men’s mental health is increasingly acknowledged as a critical issue, yet societal pressures and gender roles often discourage men from seeking help. With alarming statistics revealing that men are three times more likely to die by suicide and those aged 40-49 facing the highest suicide rates in […]

Dyscalculia Awareness

Overview  Dyscalculia is a learning disability that can make it difficult for individuals to understand and perform basic math skills, including arithmetic and math concepts like algebra, geometry, and calculus. This course will explore the causes, symptoms, and treatments of dyscalculia. The course will cover strategies for effectively supporting dyscalculia, including technology-assisted learning.

Age Diverse Teams

Overview Working with teams that have a diverse range of ages can provide many benefits, including bringing in different perspectives and experiences. Digital Bricks Learning’s training on generational differences explores practical ways to acknowledge and value the unique contributions of employees, while also tackling any ageism that may exist. Participants will learn how to create […]

Unconscious Bias

Overview  Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. Bias is an ordinary, human tendency, but can have far-reaching consequences if certain individuals and groups are disadvantaged. This professional development will explore the topic in more depth to increase personal and company-wide awareness.  Learners will explore […]

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Overview  This course will take participants on a step-by-step journey through what it means to be neurodiverse and how this can impact communication, social interaction, imagination and behaviour. By understanding what it means to the individual, the course then takes participants through strategies and techniques that are invaluable in working with and supporting others. Learning […]

Menopause in the Workplace

Overview  This course we will look the impact of the menopause in the workplace. We will look at facts and figures and explore case studies. Learners will develop practical techniques for managing the menopause in the workplace and create an action plan for themselves and others.   Learning objectives

Gender Based Violence

Overview  Gender-based violence is a pervasive and serious issue that affects individuals and communities across the world. This course aims to increase awareness about gender-based violence in the workplace and provide practical strategies for preventing and responding to it. This course is designed for managers, supervisors, HR professionals, and employees who want to increase their […]

Gender Awareness in the Workplace

Overview  Gender inequality and discrimination can have serious negative impacts on staff morale, productivity, and organisational culture. This course aims to raise awareness about gender-related issues in the workplace and provide practical strategies for creating a more inclusive and respectful environment. This course is designed for managers, supervisors, HR professionals, and employees who want to […]

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Overview  This course will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Learners will explore key concepts such as unconscious bias, stereotypes, discrimination and the importance of inclusive language. Participants will also gain an understanding of the legal framework around equality and diversity in the […]

Epilepsy Awareness

Overview  This course aims to raise awareness and provide knowledge about epilepsy, a neurological condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It covers the causes, symptoms, and treatments for epilepsy, as well as how to recognise and respond to seizures. By the end of the course, learners will be equipped with the skills and knowledge […]

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