Personal and Professional Effectiveness

Overview  This course is designed to equip participants with the tools they need to enhance their personal and professional effectiveness for life, work and wellbeing. Learning objectives

Psychology Fundamentals

Overview  This course is designed to provide participants with an introduction to the fundamental principles of psychology. Learners will develop an understanding of key psychological concepts and theories, including how the brain and mind work, human development, and social psychology. The course will also explore the applications of psychology in various fields, such as healthcare, […]

Positive Psychology

Overview  Positive psychology is an evidence-based field of psychology. Although classed as a “science” the concepts and strategies are easy to understand for everyone at every level of an organisation. Learners will practice self awareness and resilience to strengthen their personal and professional lives.   Learning objectives

Psychological Safety

Overview  Psychological safety is about allowing all voices to be heard in the workplace. Organisations need staff to speak up to promote inclusion, wellbeing and innovation. This course will take learners through scenarios that highlight the value of having psychological safety, the models that support it and ideas to implement it in the workplace.   Learning […]

Project Management

Overview   This course introduces learners to the fundamental principles and steps in successful project management. Learners will receive grounding in the key considerations at each stage of the project life cycle and reflect on how to implement the learning in their roles.    Learning objectives

Presentation Skills

Overview  Public speaking can be a daunting experience for many but it is an essential skill to have in a professional setting. This course is designed to provide participants with the techniques to become comfortable with public speaking and create impactful presentations. Participants will develop skills to engage and captivate an audience.  Learning objectives

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