Returning to the Workplace

Overview  This course is designed to support individuals who are returning to work by providing the tools and strategies to manage this transition effectively. Learners will look at the challenges of returning to work, develop practical skills for managing stress and anxiety, and explore strategies for building resilience in the face of change. Learning objectives


Overview  The course looks at how stress, change, uncertainty and triggers affect all of our lives personally and professionally. While a certain amount of stress is good for performance, too much can lead to a decrease in productivity and burnout.   We will look at strategies for identifying stress, how we respond to stress and techniques […]

Remote Working

Overview  Remote working has become increasingly common in recent years, and it is a trend that is likely to continue. This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to work effectively in a remote environment. Through interactive sessions, participants will learn best practices for managing their time, communicating with […]

Report and Proposal Writing

Overview  .Reports allow us to track progress and growth, communicate information to internal and external stakeholders and aid in future decision making and planning. Proposals are crucial to bringing in funding, building business and addressing strategic aims and objectives.  This course introduces the principles for writing effective reports and proposals. learners will receive grounding in the […]

Recruitment and Interviewing

Overview  Recruitment and interviewing are critical aspects of building a successful and effective team. This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to recruit and interview candidates. Learners will identify the right candidates for the job and ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process.  Learning objectives

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