Train the Trainer

Train theTrainer This transformative programme empowers in-house staff with teaching skills and knowledge of how people learn so that they can cascade training throughout their organisation. Train the Trainer is a model that invests in developing staff within an organisation to deliver their own training as expert educators. Instead of hiring external trainers, organisations can […]

Time Management

Overview  This course will give staff at all levels the knowledge and skills to manage their time effectively. Participants will learn techniques to balance the responsibilities of their role with priorities in day to day life.  Learning objectives

Techniques for Tough Times

Overview  Life can be challenging at times, and everyone can experience difficult periods that test their resilience. The Techniques for Tough Times course aims to equip participants with effective coping mechanisms to navigate through challenging situations. This course will explore various techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve overall wellbeing.  Learning objectives


Overview  This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of teamwork and the skills needed to work collaboratively with others. learners will develop an understanding of effective communication, conflict resolution, and the importance of trust and respect in building strong teams. Learning objectives

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