Mental Health First Response™ – Supporting ourselves and each other

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, an annual initiative recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of attending to the mental health and wellbeing of yourself and others. The theme this year, as set by the World Federation for Mental Health, is ‘Make mental health […]

The Power of Connection

When I became pregnant by accident at the age of 40, it was a colossal shock, and turned my comfortable, independent life upside down.  My life had centered around my career, my love of fitness and my group of wonderful friends, and I was enjoying a blossoming relationship with a new partner.  I was happy […]

Returning to the workplace

For the past two years, people all over the world have eagerly waited for the pandemic to end. As we’ve adapted, innovated, and persevered, life and workplaces are now starting to look a bit more ‘normal.’ However, many organisational routines and processes might not fit our new normal. And that’s okay. In fact, recognising this […]

Welcome to 2022!

Image of someone holding a sparkler

January is typically the time of year when we look back at the year just gone and enthusiastically make plans for the forthcoming year. I have been reflecting on 2021 and what a year it was! It certainly was not what many of us had hoped for. Unfortunately, our expectations of it being a better […]

Mental Health First Response in the workplace

Mental Health is a much-neglected aspect of business life that can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of any workforce. In this post, we will look at why mental health is an essential factor for businesses to consider and what they can do to help their employees remain mentally well. The importance of developing awareness […]

Resilience as we return to education


Many students of all ages are returning to education over the next few weeks across the UK. Talking to both school-age children and university students in the course of writing this blog, as a mother of a thirteen-year-old who is going into year two of High School as well as being an adult student myself […]

Through the work we do, we teach people they aren’t alone

women talking on swing

This July we are supporting Samaritan’s annual awareness campaign, Talk to Us #WeListen. At Digital Bricks, we constantly develop and teach a full suite of courses that help people learn the communication skills to respond to signs of poor mental health in themselves and others, both at home and at work. These courses include certified […]

Helping men find easy ways to support their mental health

Men Talking Mental Health

The 22nd of June marks International Father’s Mental Health Week. For any of us, the first steps in seeking help for our mental health can be daunting. For men especially, there can be a reluctance to talk about their problems, having likely been told at various stages of their life to “man up” and deal with […]

Getting on with your partner during lockdown

Bears fighting

In our sessions, we often hear from people who are worried about the mental health of their partners. And if you are both struggling with your mental health it can be hard to have the time or energy to be supportive to each other. If you are in the middle of your working day and […]

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