Summer FOMO

The alarm goes off at 5am, reminding you that you’re booked into a circuit training class at the gym before heading off to work. You reach over for your phone, switch off the alarm and open up Instagram. Despite all your efforts to cultivate a cool, minimalist persona on your grid you have 67 followers […]

Resilience as we return to education


Many students of all ages are returning to education over the next few weeks across the UK. Talking to both school-age children and university students in the course of writing this blog, as a mother of a thirteen-year-old who is going into year two of High School as well as being an adult student myself […]

Getting on with your partner during lockdown

Bears fighting

In our sessions, we often hear from people who are worried about the mental health of their partners. And if you are both struggling with your mental health it can be hard to have the time or energy to be supportive to each other. If you are in the middle of your working day and […]

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