Train theTrainer

This transformative programme empowers in-house staff with teaching skills and knowledge of how people learn so that they can cascade training throughout their organisation.

Train the Trainer is a model that invests in developing staff within an organisation to deliver their own training as expert educators. Instead of hiring external trainers, organisations can train their staff to design, develop and deliver successful training in the best way for the organisation’s needs. 

Learning Objectives

  • Know what makes a successful trainer
  • Understand the learning process and the training cycle
  • Develop your own delivery style and understand others’ learning preferences
  • Design and plan your own training programmes, materials and workshops
  • Learn about group dynamics and facilitation skills
  • Practice communication and presentation skills
  • Deliver a micro training session

We work with a wide range of industries across all sectors. Get in touch to explore how our Train The Trainer programme can work for your organisation.

Cost Effective

We work closely with organisations to understand their unique training needs. This process is an important first step in learning design, but it can take time. Your employees are closer to the company, its policies, culture and the learners. They are at the forefront of evolving organisational needs. Using in-house staff means training can be rolled out quickly to give return on investment without the expense of hiring a consultant or external trainer.

Continuous Professional Development

The programme is accredited by the globally renowned CPD Standards Office. On completion, attendees will gain CPD points and receive a certificate and digital badge. ‘Graduates’ become active learners within the CPD world, keeping up to date with trends in Learning & Development. They create a learning culture for themselves and their colleagues.


Learner Centred and Inclusive

Trainers are taught adult learning theories and learner-centred approaches, which aid in analysing and understanding the diversity of the audience. We use a scaffolding approach and Universal Design Principles in our methods. As an organisation teaching subjects like Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, we emphasise the importance of catering to learner’s needs and preferences and creating an inclusive and supportive environment. The materials are designed with accessibility in mind and this ethos is carried forward in the training.  

Communities of Practice

Within the Train the Trainer programme itself, there is a strong focus on social learning. Learners actively engage in discussions, share insights, and collaborate with peers, creating a community of practice. When organisations embrace a Train the Trainer approach, this community spreads. Company culture is carried through its people. Keeping the company message alive and on brand in training delivery creates consistency in the community.

Interactive, Real World Learning

As a digital company we embrace technology enhanced learning. Trainers learn through a mix of interactive modules, live sessions, case studies, and hands-on activities. The programme can be delivered face-to-face, online or blended. Each module is enriched with practical examples and case studies, connecting theory to the real world.

Coaching Culture and Training Support

Our team of organisational psychologists, learning experts and coaches created the programme with a coaching approach embedded in the design. Our trainees are encouraged to do the same. Participants receive continuous feedback and our team are on hand throughout the learning journey and beyond. Our commitment doesn’t end with the training programme. There is ongoing support, including 1:1 sessions, access to community forums, resources and webinars.  

Delivery Method

Train the Trainer can be delivered online, face-to-face, or a blend of both, using Teams or Zoom. Learners will have access to our intuitive and secure learning platform, enabling them to work at their own time and pace with a wide range of interactive media and resources. Our workshops incorporate presentations, reflection points, discussions, individual and group exercises with a qualified facilitator. 

We also deliver a wide range of training (see our latest catalogue below) and we can add any of these subjects or your own to the Train the Trainer programme. Get in touch to discuss how we can tailor this successful programme to your unique needs. 


Using this comprehensive approach, Digital Bricks Learning has successfully trained trainers across a wide variety of industries, enabling them to champion the “Train the Trainer” methodology within their organisations. Our focus is not just on disseminating knowledge but on building a community of skilled trainers equipped to drive meaningful learning experiences within their respective fields.

Our ‘graduate’ trainers have gone on to develop their careers in corporate training, start their own L&D practices and become college tutors. This qualification is a good choice for organisations looking to train their staff  in-house, but also for individuals looking to work in the field of education and L&D. Get in touch below about individual enrolment and discover how learning from experts can provide a pathway for your career.   

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