The course looks at how stress, change, uncertainty and triggers affect all of our lives personally and professionally. While a certain amount of stress is good for performance, too much can lead to a decrease in productivity and burnout.  

We will look at strategies for identifying stress, how we respond to stress and techniques for changing those responses to help build resilience. Based on the Salutogenic model of health, healthy coping strategies can build resilience regardless of our circumstances. Learners will create a personalised self-care and resilience action plan to take away from the session.  

Learning Outcomes 
  • Understand the science of stressors, the stress response and what we mean by resilience   
  • Explore the ABILITY acronym for resilience and how we can put it into practice in the workplace 
  • Develop skills to build a resilience toolkit for yourself and your teams 
  • Practice strategies to encourage a healthy work/life balance, promote professional resilience and change organizational culture 
Delivery method 

Can be delivered face to face, online or blended either in person or virtually e.g.  Teams/Zoom. Learners will have access to our learning platform where they can refer to the materials, watch extra resources such as videos and interactive activities and access links to organisations, for those that want to take their learning further. 

A full day is recommended for staff with little or no previous experience. For those with prior knowledge, a half day is recommended as a condensed session with post course materials. 

Workshops combine presentation slides, interactive exercises, individual reflection and group discussion. 

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